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Farm on the Limpopo River

Musina East, Farm on Limpopo River

Sale ID: 361

Price: R20,000,000
  • PROPERTY 1: Measuring : 171,3064haImprovements:
    House with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Swimming pool. Shed. Fertilizer room. 40 newly built workers houses. Water: 701708m3/per annum registered water use from Limpopo River. 3 submersible pumps in the river. Few boreholes not equipped. 33ha irrigation lands with mainlines (160mm) and drippers. New filter system. Eskom power (50kVA). Partly game fenced.
  • PROPERTY 2: Measuring : 71,8750haImprovements:
    Workers houses. Water: 104224m3/per annum registered water from the Limpopo River. Few boreholes not equipped. 21.85ha of irrigation land. Eskom power (50kVA)


Hansie Taute
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Jack Klaff
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Messina East, Limpopo

Musina East, Limpopo River Farm 361

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